Thursday, March 8, 2012

Central California Blossom Report

3/8/12 - Just came back from the Fresno area where I did a little orchard blossom shooting.  The orchards are now in FULL BLOOM, and I think it will only last for another week or maybe two.

Overall, it was a good day for shooting.  No surprises in terms of weather; sunny, and very little wind.  You can consult this link for a map of the Blossom Trail .  It took several hours to finish the trail, but I found three places that fit more or less with what I was looking for in my photography.  

The first one is off a small road off Mendocino Rd (Sorry, forgot to write down the street name).  There is a nice healthy field of almond trees, with nice green grass alongside it.  The owner told me it was at full bloom 3 days ago, so the pedals were starting to fall.  Still very pretty in my opinion.

The second one is way north off Oliver Street.  If you're heading south, it will be on your right side.  It’s another huge field of almond trees in full bloom.

The third place I really liked was off Rose St.  It was a field with a bit of a mountain view in the background, something different.

Overall, these are the three areas that I would recommend.  There are also loads of pretty fields of different fruit and nut trees in bloom, so knock yourself out.  Go during sunrise and sunset for better light.  Have fun, and share your photos after your trip!

Chun Ming Huang - Fine Arts Photography 

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